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Service & Calibration

Nuclear Density Gauges:

OSCS offers NIST – traceable calibrations for nuclear density gauges including:

  • CPN MC1, MC1-DR and MC3
  • Humboldt 5001 Series Gauges
  • InstroTek Xplorer 3500
  • Troxler 3400 Series, 3400 Plus Series, and 4640-B gauges

Gauge calibration includes performing a leak test; replacing case labels, scraper ring, bumper, wiper, and plate screws; and an electronic checkup and adjustment. Further replacement parts and repair service not included.


From replacing key pads to component repair, our technicians can handle whatever your gauge can throw at us. From quick fixes that we repair while you wait, to more complex issues that require parts from the manufacturer, our guys know their gauges.

Other Services:

  • Dosimetry Badge Service
  • Leak Tests
  • Survey Meter Calibration
  • Inspection Consultation


Gyratory Compactors:

OSCS offers traceable on-site internal and external angle calibration of Pine, Troxler, Interlaken and Rainhart units.

OSCS uses the Pine RAM and the Testquip DAV for internal angle measurements and NIST traceable manufacturers’ equipment for external angle calibrations.

Think twice before you sign a service contract with the manufacturer. OSCS offers a quick response at rates better than a factory service contact, saving you money.

OSCS provides mold verification service for 4″ and 6″ superpave molds.


OSCS provides calibration and/or verification of

  • Troxler NTO
  • Thermofisher NCAT
  • Blue M
  • Quincy Labs
  • Despatch


OSCS offers scale calibration with NIST certified weights and provides service to most major brands, including Ohaus, Adam, AND, and Escali.

We are a factory-authorized service center and dealer for Ohaus scales.