Want to check your Calibration Reports?

Companies come to us because:

serviceOSCS is a customer focused company offering sales, service and calibration, of quality control equipment for asphalt, concrete, and geotechnical industries.
qualityOSCS provides quality nuclear density gauge calibration and service for: CPN, InstroTek, Troxler, and Humboldt EZ nuclear density gauges.

Dosemitry Badge Service

ALARA. Right on.

Wanted: Troxler Gauges

Both offices are gauge hunting.

New Digs

I know, you weren't going to say anything, didn't want to make it awkward...

Texas office closed due to Inclemental weather

Due to severe weather, rolling blackouts and what-have-you, our Texas office will be closed until further notice, though we’re hoping to be able to GET to the office by Friday February 19th. We apologize for the inconvenience!


After 3 -THREE – business days of radio silence on the phones, our phones in Texas are BACK! 817.834.5411 is golden. I’m so excited. It’s just in time to tell you that we’re going to be closed for Christmas Wednesday, December 24 through Friday, December 26.

Texas Phone

There is a temporary issue with our primary lines: 877.737.8225 / 817.834.5411 is down, and our phone providers are working on fixing it.

In the mean time, if you need to reach us at the Texas office, please call 817.357.6975.

Thanks – Stephanie Bransom